Tuesday, April 22, 2008

If You Were my Husband

I love this hilarious, but later disproved, exchange between Winston Churchill and Lady Astor.The words may not be exact but the riposte certainly hits the mark.

Lady Astor to the famous misogynist. "If you were my husband, I would put arsenic in your tea."  To which the man replied, "If I were your husband, madam, I would drink it."


While surfing along, I came across a series of photographs on creative ways on how to kill your husband.  I thought that was rather serendipitous as just that afternoon, I was talking to a girlfriend who was terribly furious at her husband.

Her back had given out on her during a weekend holiday and apparently the hubby was at a complete loss during the hours of her incapacity and could not and did not take care of her.  To compound the "sin", he was just as helpless when they returned home. 

Her back and hip were hurting quite badly and she found herself unable to undertake the daily housework and preparation of meals.  So she asked her hubby if he could handle some of the chores till she recovered and the man pleaded weariness from work and errands he had to run.  And yet he refused to order out or go out for dinner, demanding that she still prepared his meals.

Our girl, who is no wilting violet, was furious and there has been a barrage of sarky little comments and evil looks cast at the clueless spouse.

Anyway, she was complaining violently over the phone and I could hear all the pent-up ire.  So when I found these pictures, I decided it would be a bad idea to post them to her.  

I do not want her hubby's demise to be on my blog.