Monday, May 19, 2008

Baby, You Can Wear My Dress

I must be insane to post anything to do with being knocked up.  Not that I have anything against it.  It's just that everything abut it makes me queasy.  And not in the Oh Lord-I-am-expecting kinda way and more in the I-think-I-am-gonna-be-ill-and-is-this-contagious kinda way.

However, I have been noticing that Nicole Kidman is sporting a bump.  I knew she was preggers but I typically do not pay attention to bumps.  But she makes it really hard for you not to notice.  Especially when she is holding on to it in every frame as if it is a very heavy bowling ball she is afraid to drop.

Hey, that's better than me wondering if she is pressing on her uterus so she does not need to make a loo run and miss all the paparazzi!

But I must admit, the dress is a beaut.  She always has rather nice taste in clothes and it's good that she does not suddenly go bonkers and starts adopting muumuus and circus tents as clothing just because she has a 9-month growth.

I love the colour, lines and cut of her dress.  It highlights without objectifying her baby bump.  Really, I wish she would stop clutching it so.  Give the baby some space, would ya?  It's hard enough being squished in there for 9 months!

Anyway, I would so wear that dress even if I was not preggers.  Of course it is a YSL so that will make it as expensive as bringing up a baby for say, 5 years?