Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dollhouse Faith

I confess I am a Joss Whedon fan.  I know.  I should be ashamed.

Intellectually, I chide myself in embarrassment.  Fangirly, I go woo!  In my defense, I just like women who kick arse. 

Sans Waterworld, I like most of Whedon's work.  Initially, at least.  He has always been current, unabashedly fanboy and best of all, humorous.  He has good ideas that clink pleasantly with my own sense of anarchic creativity.

But he tends to fall victim to what most creators, and not maintainers, suffer.  He gets stuck and boring after a while and cannot sustain a long-term project. 

I've seen him come up with blazingly popular bodies of work which I would follow slavishly.  And then somewhere into the 3rd season, or earlier sometimes, it becomes predictable and mundane.  You can see that he is questioning his longevity with the project as his own interest wanes. 

It explains why a number of his television projects fail as television is a genre that pushes for unrealistic  continuity.  So he moved to films and realised his fanbase could only sustain the box office to a finite and limited time.

But you cannot keep a good man down and he is slated to return with yet another Eliza Dushku vehicle, Dollhouse.

The latter is also a fab femme I quite like to watch as there is something arresting about her performance.

The storyboard looks good for Dollhouse but it could all fall like a house of cards.  Yet, if Ghost Whisperer can survive for so long, I would lay my bets with the Whedon/Dushku venture.

Let's just hope Fox does not bail out before the show can gain the cult following that always seem slow to build but then explode into a critical mass to make Whedon/Dushku fanboy faves.  I caught the interview in Los Angeles Times with Whedon and the man makes a fascinating interview subject.

I especially enjoyed the writers' strike reference.  And even more, Dushku's comment when Whedon devised the Dollhouse concept on the spot over lunch - 

"You're talking about my life. In my life, everybody tells me who they want me to be while I try and figure out who I am." 

Whedon said that comment spoke to him.  I think it speaks to all of us.