Sunday, May 18, 2008

Flagging the Lion

I must not be feeling well as I found this hilarious for some reason.  I just had a vision of a bunch of angry Lion Citizens waging cyber warfare on OcUK of Cyber Nation.

I saw this post on and just totally cracked up. 

Cyber Nation's OcUK must think that such a small island would not notice the pilfering of their national symbol and pride.  

Dudes, they call themselves the Lion City aka Singapura.  Their national symbol is the merlion - half lion, half merman/mermaid, and totally kinky to me.  They claim the island was first named after a lion was spotted on the island in the 13th century.  Highly unlikely but hey ... who's to argue with them?  They also happen to be a nation totally obsessed with anything cyber or computers.  

Ya think they would have missed this?

So, according to, some irate Singaporeans are threatening to make a police report which appears to be a national hobby.  And the response from the OcUKers is to bring it on and to taunt the few flag-raising Singaporeans on how their police would not be able to do anything and to question if the Singapore police force has nothing better to do.

I can answer that.  They really don't.

After Mas Selamat managed to run away from them through a loo window months ago, they are looking for the next target to cover up their embarrassment and to prove that they are not to be made fools of.

Also, the Singapore government has a habit of suing people they think are opposing or a threat to their constitution.   

Er, so they just might start on the gamers, if you pardon the pun.