Friday, May 16, 2008

White on White II - Kimiko Yoshida & GMK

Coilhouse's second choice for its white on white ensemble of off-colour artists includes Kimiko Yoshida.  Their selected image was her Divine Bride Praying, which I actually find a little insipid.

Yoshida is very Japanese in her approach and the stark white or sharp, raw, unrelieved juxtapositions of single, solid colour can seem a little awkward and contrived.  

There are some pieces which yield some depth and complexity rather than overt messaging.  I have selected a couple I was not indifferent to.

I feel awfully conflicted that I am not terribly moved by her work which seem too orchestrated and lacking real flow and back story.  

But I suppose that is the beauty of art.  Some speak to you and others maintain a cold silence even as they appear to whisper into the ears of others.

I was much more impressed by Coilhouse' 3rd choice - GMK's rhinestone encrusted vision of ethereal paleness and the soft loveliness of his wife, Dominique .  So impressed that I am going to include some of Gregory Michael King's non white on white pieces just to illustrate the maturity, depth and lushness of his work.

Such richness, masterful control of colour and lighting, and such loving connection with his subjects.  It is ironic that while Yoshida does mostly self-portraits, GMK seems to have a stronger connection with his models.  

His photographs look like oil paintings.  His paintings look like surreal photos.  He manages to cross the divide between photorealism and painterly art with ease and aplomb.