Sunday, February 24, 2008

Break A Leg, Arsenal

It's very unpatriotic of me but I dislike footy. Would not watch it if you threatened to shoot me. Would watch it if you bribe me with lots of food and alkie.

Which was what happened a couple of nights ago. A mate called me over to hang out with the blokes since we'd not seen each other for ages. 

And what do I find when I get there? The blokes had set up a footy night. Sigh. Hand over the crisps and beer. At least I can numb the pain, I thought.

But no pain compared with what was to come. Not for me. But for one of the players.

It would stand to reason that in the one in ten chances of me watching a footy match, someone gets completely bollocked.

It was harrowing. I went all girlie and did the clapping hand to mouth, loud gasping, eyes widening, wincing and soft sympathetic whining as I saw the boy's leg snap.

Yes.  Snap. 

It was so bad they could not even show the replay immediately as everyone went into shock and empathetic pain. The horror was so great and the injury so severe and gruesome that there were plenty of averted faces.

The game was stopped for 8 minutes as the poor boy was carried off in a stretcher, an oxygen mask over his twisted face of agony. 

I'm not sure if it was a good thing or bad thing that my mates were all Arsenal fans as they started shouting and demanding Birmingham's Martin Taylor's blood. 

There's apparently a huge anti-Brit uproar since. I think Croatians should be given a wide berth for the next few months for fear of retribution. Despite the furore, and I am not being blindly biased here, I think it was not a deliberate attack on da Silva and was just an extremely clumsy and unfortunate challenge by Taylor. But still, I wonder how the latter can live with himself, as it does not look like an injury that is easily recoverable. 

I think it is safe to say that da Silva is bollocked. His football career is probably over and even if he recovers well enough to play, will he ever be able to recover the talent and bright future my mates tell me he possesses? Or used to possess?

One of my mates, seeing I was almost in tears for the poor boy, told me another player, Alan Smith had a similar injury and managed to return back to the sport after a year of intensive rehab. My heart really goes out to Eduardo da Silva and certainly hope that the same happens for him.