Sunday, February 24, 2008


I'm sorry I can't go out with you tonight as I have a date with a box of matchsticks.


Just as I am not a footy fan, I am also not a big F1 fan. I was asked recently if I wanted to go. When I turned it down a few of my friends tried to thwap me for being an idiot. 

Why should I? I can't really see much at those things and every time they go whizzing by, I have to ask someone, "What colour car just went by? Whussat?" as I try to beat whiplash.

I rather watch it on the telly. If I watch it at all. And if I did, it would be because a bunch of mates bribed me with food and alkie to make me sit through it.

So Michael Arndt completely baffles me but I have to admire his perseverance and devotion to his chosen sport.

Still, can't see him dating much, can you?

956,000 matchsticks + too much time = obessive F1 fan

Posted Feb 13th 2008 by Drew Phillips

We all have different ways that we spend our time and money, but probably nothing quite like how Michael Arndt spent 6000 Euros and six years. The matchstick master built a full scale Mercedes-McLaren F1 car in his kitchen using 956,000 matchsticks and 1686 tubes of glue. The car can even be taken apart for easy transportation, which is good since at some point Arndt might want to leave his parent's house.  Check out the
gallery to see the incredible detail and some of the building process.