Tuesday, February 12, 2008

One For The Road

You really have to watch your own back when you're constantly on the road. The usual rules for any traveller applies and it is really a matter of common sense.

Most people assume that female travellers are at greater risk but women, realising that they are prime targets, tend to be more cautious when on their own. Men, however, seem to believe in their own invincibility.

I've seen many male colleagues commit truly stupid mistakes when on the road. One-night stands is the biggest weakness for them and often with a high element of danger thrown in.

It's none of my beeswax and I usually just ignore their shenanigans but this latest article just proves my point that I know a lot of stupid men.

Rolex-wearers targeted by female drink-doctorers

Going to Dallas?

Men might want to leave that Rolex home and be wary of accepting a drink from a flirtatious stranger.

According to a Dallas Morning News story, a group of women has been targeting traveling men. They reportedly flirt in bars, cars and hotel rooms and then flee with the men's belongings. In one case, a 37-year-old Tampa businessman staying at the W Dallas-Victory hotel told police two women accosted him in the lounge and bought him a beer. When he woke up back in his room, he said his $4,000 Rolex watch, wallet, iPod and a laptop were gone.

According to the newspaper, a half-dozen men have reported thefts and many are from out of town. Several of the men sported Rolexes when they were approached.

The story says one victim was robbed while dancing in a hotel elevator. So be careful out there; police think not all victims have reported such crimes. If you have been ripped off by predatory females in Dallas or elsewhere, let authorities know. They think this may be happening in other cities, too.

Er ... no shite. This happens everywhere, mate.