Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Covet Operations

I am in serious covet mode today.  As in I see loads of stuff I covet.

First off, I absolutely adore the Marchesa dress Ann Hathaway wore.  She's a lovely girlie but for such a young chick, she always seems much older than she is.  I wonder if it's because of those bags under her eyes.  I am surprised she has not done anything to them as many others of her compatriots would have done so in a shot.  I rather like it.  Makes her real.

Anyway, she positively glows in this gown.  The colour makes her porcelain skin absolutely luminous.  If I wore it, I would look like a giant fire hydrant as reds no nothing for me except to invite dogs to try to pee on me.  If I got the gown, it would be electric or cobalt blue, lavender or turquoise for me.  Or maybe green.  

The other gown I rather like is this burgundy meringue.  Actually I am not that blown away by the colour nor the basic line of it.  

Sure, the one shoulder thing is becoming on me but the thing that sold the dress to me was the pockets.  I know, I know ... every fashionista gasp and wheeze in ridicule of any ball gown having pockets and poo poo the lack of taste, propriety and class in the very idea.

But I like it.  I like the oxymoron in having an opulent, or sleek ball gown yielding a sneaky surprise like pockets.  I like being able to put my lippy, a couple of mints and maybe my mobile in my pocket so I do not have to carry a clutch or purse.  I like the casual elegance, the insouciant suavity in slipping bejewelled hands into silk folds amidst all the pomp and rigidity.

Maybe it is just the rebel in me.

I like things that are not all that they seem.  These buckle rings are not really my style.  A bit too glitzy in the Elvis in leisure suit way for me.  But I like the concept of wearing your belt around your finger.  If it was more tastefully designed, I would definitely wear it but it's just a little too bourgeoisie for me as it is.

Maybe if it was in silver or white gold or if the diamonds were more subtle and refined ...