Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Legging It

I hate stockings.  They're hot, sometimes scratchy and they run.  They're difficult to upkeep and are an expensive habit to maintain.

So I usually prefer to go bare-legged.  I actually find it sexier, more liberating and infinitely cheaper.  Of course, this can only happen if your legs are toned, smooth and glistening.

The first you can only achieve with exercise or occasionally lucky genes; the second depends on good waxing or shaving and the third is an old modelling trick of using body lotion to oil up your legs.

On days (or nights) when I want a little more zing to my legs, I massage on shimmering or glittery body cream on my legs.  It makes the legs look even more endless than they are and completely draws the eye.

I think I may have worn stockings twice in the last two years and that was only because of some performance or show.

I like my bare legs.  I like looking and them and even feeling them up.  Self love, eh?

Anyway, so it always rather surprises me that I would actually like stockings so much.  It's strange but I would not wear the normal black stockings or taupe pantyhoses that other women seem to live in.  But I would totally fall for a sheer purple lizard print stocking or a silver spider webbed sheer legging.

I suppose I like colour and I like boldness.  Insipid, dull and conservative coverings that hide the lean musculature and healthy glisten of skin have no interest for me.  Perhaps it can be linked to my liking for body art.  Since my work precludes me from indulging in that, getting printed sheer stockings or tights is the next best option.  

Not for the me granny, skin-coloured runny stockings or the black-lace sad wannabes don in a bid to be sexy.  But if bodacious colours and vibrant prints clad toned and long limbs, then it's a real turn on.

So, I recently saw an ad for a product called Shiny Legs from Stormalina.  It immediately drew my attention.  Instead of constantly creaming up my legs, I could do it once and maintain that much wonted sheen?  Fab!  

And then there are the scrumptious leggings from  I am definitely lemming for some of that.