Saturday, March 22, 2008

Masque of Furiae

One of my favourite contemporary artists is Linda Bergkvist.  I discovered her work years ago on CGTalk and have been an avid follower since.

During the last year, she kind of worried me with a long hiatus due to illness.  She appears to be back although I hear she is still not fully recovered.  During this time there has also been a fair bit of controversy and questions pertaining to the authenticity of her work and her lack of honesty about attribution and her work methodology.

Whatever it is, until it is proven, I will still appreciate and admire her final work.

I really hope this young lady gets back to her full potential and health as it would be a great loss to the world to be deprived from her talent.

She recently started working on a series of masks which are phenomenal and very her.  I can see some of them literally jump from the canvases of her previous works and can only covet and drool over how gorgeous they are.

I gotta learn how to make them as I absolutely adore masks and have been since a little child playing Cops and Robbers.  Yes, I always wanted to be the Robber.