Monday, March 10, 2008

National Blunder

I am not a footy fan but this article in The Guardian caught my attention  

Nicolas Cage lookalike takes Real Madrid for a ride  

MADRID, March 8 (Reuters) - A prankster pretending to be Oscar-winning American actor Nicolas Cage fooled Real Madrid into thinking he was the real thing and enjoyed red carpet treatment at this week's Champions League match against AS Roma.  

The lookalike, Italian television presenter Paolo Calabresi, watched Wednesday's game from the directors' viewing area at the Bernabeu and was taken into the team dressing room afterwards, Spanish sports daily Marca reported on Saturday. He was even photographed being presented with a personalised Real shirt by club president Ramon Calderon.  

Calabresi organised the stunt by using the name of an agency in the United States that had recently arranged a similar meeting at the Bernabeu for another actor, Sylvester Stallone.  

Roma won the last-16, second-leg tie 2-1 to progress to the Champions League quarter-finals with a 4-2 aggregate victory. (Reporting by Mark Elkington; Editing by Sonia Oxley)  

So Read Madrid got punk'd. I looked around to find a picture of this Calabresi and found this. OK, so Calderon obviously has a problem with his vision because there is no way this man looks like Nicolas Cage, even when he had hair. I mean, his own hair.  

This reminds me of a hysterical ad I saw once. I think it was Italian too and featured an entire football stadium filled with nekkid people. The players were nekkid. The referrees were nekkid. The audience was nekkid. Then you see this lone man running across the field, waving his arms, being chased by the police, who are also nekkid. He's clothed. He's the streaker.  

Bloody brilliant ad. I think it was for a clothing line too. Had me in stitches.