Monday, March 10, 2008


I am rolling over in hysterics!  I just saw this SNL skit of Christian Siriano and it totally slayed me.

I make no apologies for the fact that I like Project Runway.  The last season that just ended was amazing in the overall talent of the designers on the show, despite some duds.  

Christian Siriano and Chris March were definitely two that made the show.  They were absolutely over the top and trannified what would have been a rather serious season.  

Rami was too reserved although he seems like a genuinely lovely and nice guy.  Jillian is too careful.  Jack was a lovey and Sweetpea seemed like a cool chick to hang out with.  

What was nice about this season was that everyone, (well, with the exception of Victorya and OK, maybe Carmen who was a little whiney angry all the time) was professional, sincere, genuinely nice and dedicated to their passion.  

The last five showed everyone at their most stressed out yet they were always supportive of each other and there was true consideration and affection among them.  Even with the little sibling-like bickering between Jillian and Christian.  Everyone was just so ... nice.

I love this skit!  Everyone was spot on.  Amy Adams makes a 
killer Heidi and "Tim Gunn" ... slayer!  I love Tim Gunn by the way.  If I were a gay bloke, I would totally stalk him.

But no one was fierce.  Except Christian Siriano.  

I am delighted for him that he won although I do feel a twinge
 for Rami as I loved his fashion.  There's something really refined and elegant about his designs that flow gloriously with a restrained hand and eye that sees perfection in subtle details and organic lines.  It's a pity he did not win but he already has a fairly successful business that just needs some capital injection to really take off.  Make it work, Rami, make it work!

Also, Jillian did an awesome job and actually I think her clothes might be the most commercially accessible.  Still, she's such a professional and perfectionist I am sure she will find people clamouring to work with her.

But back to our Ferousha Coutura himself.  Here are some of his best lines:

Everything I wear is a do and everything else is a don't!!! I'm kind of a big deal.

I'm taking a vay-kay. I need a breakie-break.

This is not the last of Christian Siriano,  I mean, people need to see more of the fierceness.

I am kinda fierce and I am kinda celebrity in my own head. (LOL, I like to say I am a legend in my own lunchtime)

I am a beast, you guys!  You just don't know!

Fierce, fabulous and flawless ... all of the above.  (Snap!)

If I was a diva, my name would be Ferosh!

I'm not a miracle worker, lady!  I can't make you have an ass. 

OMG, I am gonna die of barfness!!!

Her name is Ferousha Coutura and her move is she sprays girls in the eye with hairspray.  (Clotheslined!)

And of course ... FIERCE!

The boy is feroush alright.  Love it!  And there was a fab interview with the pint-sized wunderkid in AfterElton after his big win.

Sigh.  I hope he does well as he is phenomenally talented.  Let's hope he does not fall for his own PR (no pun intended) and lose sight of things as so many of them have done before.

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