Saturday, March 22, 2008

Thieves Make Earley Fade

They say the highest form of flattery is imitation.

I say Bollocks!

I cannot tell you how tired I am of people stealing choreographies, laying claim and credit to things they do not have half the talent to even conceive, not attributing to rightful sources and just plain dishonesty.

So when I read that two paintings had been stolen from Lori Earley's Fade to Grey exhibition, I really felt for her.

I remember how majority of my pieces constantly disappeared from the art room in school and how in my final year, when I asked for my works back so I could present my portfolio for a scholarship, the school conveniently informed me that they had been stolen.

I feel her pain.

She is understandably upset and pissed off and on the witch-hunt to find the art thieves but I can only try to look on the bright side of things by saying you probably know you've made it when art thieves strike your exhibition.

Here are some of the haunting works from the Fade to Grey collection.

And some others from previous collections.