Wednesday, January 23, 2008

And the Winner Is ...

There you are, lined up for a shot you know you have no chance to getting. So you fake a fall, put on an Oscar-winning performance and ... you hear your wife shouting from the stands,

"Don't worry, he's not hurt. He's just faking it. You go, honey buns!"

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As reported by contactmusic on 22 Jan 2008:

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star EVA LONGORIA PARKER has landed her basketball player husband TONY PARKER in trouble after revealing the sportsman often fakes his on-court injuries. The actress admits it's tough watching her husband play for the San Antonio Spurs - because she never knows when he's really hurt, and when he's acting. 

She says, "Sometimes he acts to get the flagrant foul or, to sell the foul more, he'll throw himself on the floor and really play it up more than what it is. "I really don't know what the difference is so I'm like, 'Stop laying on the ground if you're not hurt. Just get up!' He's like, 'Honey, I have to stay on the ground sometimes.' "But I get really nervous, it's nail biting."

I'm surprised he has not asked this particular desperate housewife to park it somewhere else. Truly, it's a pity she is not blond. No offense to blonds ...