Friday, January 25, 2008

Sarah Sinkable Parker

I was never fond of the Carrie Bradshaw look.  I am sure all of you played the "which chick are you in SATC" game.  I honestly thought I was a cross between Carrie and Miranda.  Carrie due to being a former journalist and the eternal observer, and Miranda because I am that practical and cynical.

But most of my friends would say I am Samantha.  Which pissed me off.  However, I found myself even more disturbed to find my fashion style veering more towards Charlotte's because I absolutely detested that character.

OK, now that we have gotten the SATC reminiscing out of the way, let's review the Patricia Fields hysteria that gripped womanhood in the early 2000s.  The woman was a bloody menace propagating some of the worse fashion crime of the decade.  And then the series ended and we thought we saw the last of her.

Cue Jaws soundtrack ... 

Recently caught during a shoot for the SATC movie was Sarah Jessica Parker looking ... well, very Carry Badshawl.

Is that deflated kiddies float a shawl?  Scarf?  Inflatable life jacket that ran out of gas?  Is SJP in danger of drowning from doing too many dishes at the local?  Yes, Miz Parker, we did note your rubber gloves.  Life's been hard on you since SATC has it not?

Which explains why you use the fireplace charcoal for your eye makeup and stole the next door little girl's bag.