Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bring It ...

You know, just when you thought it was safe ...

I really, really had no intentions of giving the Scientologists more cyber space than I needed to.  But this article from Gawker came up and I just had to mention it.

Apparently, our youths have more brains (and balls) than the whole bunch of Scientologists put 
together.  A bunch of them calling themselves Anonymous have thrown the gauntlet at the org otherwise known as the Church of Scientology.  This band of modern-day Hoods are described by Chan Enterprises (whose website has "exceeded its bandwidth") as:

Anonymous is a collective composed of many Internet users, combined under one name. The group gained fame through popular image-boards and accrued influence both on the Internet and the real world. They have launched offensives against a wide variety of targets, including the social website Habbo Hotel and various White Supremacy entities. Anonymous played a major role in the capture of Canadian pedophile Chris Forcand.

The group has put out a video basically saying "Bring it" to the Space Cadets, I mean Scientologists.  I rather like the Hal-like voice-over and the way they pronounce "Scien... TOE ... logi".

Anonymous has already launched their attack on the Scientologists.  Putting their mouse where their mouth is, they kicked off a DoS attack on the Church of Scientology website and apparently also "made prank calls, organized protests, distributed anti-Church pamphlets and information, and extracted secret files from the Church of Scientology and its parent company, the Religious Technology Center", according to Chan Enterprises.

Why has this fledgling group of urban vigilantes decided to plague these good people who just want to help us?  I don't know ... I just don't know ... except for the press release that states -

A spokesperson [of Anonymous] said that the group's goals include bringing an end to the financial exploitation of Church members and protecting the right to free speech, a right which they claim was consistently violated by the Church of Scientology in pursuit of its opponents.
This latest salvo is in response to the video leaked by Mark Ebner featuring a megomaniacally chortling Tom Cruise who shed light (and much ridicule) on what and how the Church of Scientology really thinks.  

Anonymous' video very clearly states what has led to this Denial of Scientology attack.  I dare to summarise by saying that Anonymous is just sick and tired of their bullshite.  

And they are not on their own.  Over at, they got serious with a Michael Mooreish video presentation of why we need to take and take down the Scientologists seriously.  That video is also available for perusal over at Gawker.

On this note, I am condoning, supporting or condemning the efforts of our cyber vigilantes but it is a relief to know that our future may not be one dedicated to Dianetics.  I, for one, find SP easy to pronounce than ScienTOElogi.