Friday, January 25, 2008


Did you hear?  UB40 is going to be one member short come March.  And the traitor is Ali Campbell.  What a shocker!

The band disseminated a media statement yesterday announcing that Ali Campbell will quit the band after 30 years.  The soon-to-be-former lead singer intends to concentrate on his solo career.

After 30 years?  What bollocks.  If he had wanted to do that, he could have done it in the late 80s when everyone was speculating that he was going to leave the band to go solo.  G'wan, mate, what's really going on?

The last gigs with all eight members will be in Australia, New Zealand and Uganda next month so if you're in those areas and are UB40 fans, you best catch them before the Campbell soups out.

The band's PR flack assured UB40 fans the remaining members will continue to record and perform as UB40.  The replacement lead singer has not been decided on as yet.  Better hurry up mates, otherwise the concerts Downunder are going to be real dumbstruck.  The flunkey also declared the band is not made up of a single individual but "more a collective of band members, who have contributed to create the unique sound that UB40 has become renowned for over the last three decades."

I really don't know.  Ali Campbell voiced, as it were, most of UB40s hit songs and when they did go forth to undertake individual solo projects, his was the most commercially promising.  So I do not know how this 30-year itch will ultimately affect the band.

All I can say is can you imagine Bono leaving U2?  Start playing the song One ...