Sunday, January 27, 2008

Keeping It Cooped Up

I swear I did not want to be a liar and do more than one post about Heath Ledger's post-mortem media frenzy.  But this post is more about the media so I rationalise to myself.

I've always rather liked Anderson Cooper (not least that he's rather pleasant on the eyes) so I was not completely surprised at his reaction but I must say Star Jones took me completely aback.  I'd always considered her of dubious taste and class but this time, the woman showed a measure of discretion that deserves acknowledgment.
That'll be all, pig.  That'll be all.

From, was this post:

CNN host Anderson Cooper set his foot down last night, refusing to cover the death of Heath Ledger until hard facts and new evidence turns up. Here’s what he had to say on the 360 blog:

“For the last two nights we have reported on actor Heath Ledger. His shocking death is clearly a story a lot of people are interested in, but tonight we will not be reporting more on it. The truth is there is not really anything new to report.

The full results of the various tests done on Mr. Ledger will not be ready for perhaps a few weeks and there is very little new information. I have no doubt other networks will spend a lot of time tonight discussing his death and the various rumors about what might have caused it, but I am not a fan of speculation, so unless there is something really new to discuss we probably won’t be covering it anymore anytime soon.”

Star Jones also wrote a similar piece about Heath on

Says Star, “Might I suggest that we in the media, instead of reporting on the dead based on gossip, rumor, innuendo and anonymous sources, choose to honor this man’s memory based on his talent and the good taste we all should be exercising. My heart goes out to the family of Heath Ledger.”