Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's My Blog And I'll Blog If I Wanna ...

I visit a few blogs on a regular basis. Despite an unorthodox schedule, there are a few I check on a weekly basis no matter how busy & chaotic things get for me. 

The blog-owners are intelligent, intellectual, opinionated but rational, witty, open-minded and write such tight and concise prose that it is a delight to scroll down the lines of articles. They inspire and amuse me and that is the best kind of blog. Not some inane rambling about how love-lorn, miserable and hard-up for attention they are.

Perusing the comments to each article can be as amusing as the article itself. It shows the vast diversity of people who read the blog. From humorous to banal, these comments reveal much about the readers.

Recently, one of my favourite writers wrote a preview of a new movie about the Mughal and Hindu entanglements. Typically, quite a few zealots trolled in to cast their slurs and fervent animosity around. By the 3rd line of their comment, you would have known them by their use of vulgarity, accusations of personal affronts, delusions and sanctimony.

Deciding to remove myself from the stench of racial dogma, I turned to another writer's blog which I thought would be more palatable. 

Here too, some infantile female had written in to stamp her feet on the ground at the injustice wrought upon her. Apparently she took offense at the writer's statement that her favourite idol could not act. She said "it is offensive to people like me" and asked the writer to keep her "negative" comments down.

OK, hold up there, people with more keys than brain cells. It's their blog. They can say whatever they like on their blog. If you do not like reading it, don't. 

A writer expresses his/her opinion on his/her blog much like people keep a journal. Most times, it is a literary outpouring of incoherent and indigestible thoughts. Occasionally, there are gems of lyrical prose, witty insights and intellectual commentaries.

I personally dislike whiny blogs or blatant attempts to get the opposite sex's attention. But they are entitled to use their blog however they want. I just do not have to read it. 

What is the point in writing in comments that reveal how ugly and stupid you are? It certainly defeats the purpose as you move sympathy and empathy towards the blogger and derision towards yourself.

On that note, I also notice a phenomena where highly interesting and thought-provoking blogs tend to attract either no one, or worse still, cyber stalkers of limited intelligence, who will craft profane comments like graffiti over the bottom of pristine prose.

Yet, the blogs with photos of photoshopped individuals, or just their bosoms, featuring articles written with heavy breathing and heaving bosoms, will attract hordes of sycophantic and key licking comments.

Well, live and let live. Just as intellect was meted out with uneven measuring cups (spoons in some cases), so are good blogs.