Saturday, January 26, 2008

Britney Spearshead Economic Growth?

For all of you naysayers, Brit is calculated to be an economic phenomenon!  

All her shenanigans translate to cold, hard cash.  About $120 million of the green stuff.  She's so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky ...

But wait, it's not her money.  You too can get in the act with just a capital investment in a wide-lens, multi-zoom and superspeed digital camera, a command of smarmy words and zero integrity, human decency or self respect.  In order words, you can become Adnan Ghalib.

Magazine Estimates Britney Spears Is Worth $120 Million to Economy

Even When She's Not Touring, Britney's Bringing in Big Bucks

Jan. 25, 2008 —

Ever get the feeling somebody is making a whole lot of money off Britney Spears besides Britney Spears?

Portfolio magazine estimates the annual value of Britney Spears to the U.S. economy is 110- to 120-million dollars -- and that's when she isn't even touring.

Portfolio estimates record companies, promoters and licensers make 30- to 40-million dollars because of endorsements, record sales and other business.

It estimates the paparazzi make 4 million dollars from selling photos of the Kentwood native. Celebrity tabloids, web traffic and other media make an estimated 75 million dollars off her in a year. A celebrity tabloid can sell as many as 33 percent more copies if Spears is on the cover.

Her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, pulls in a million dollars a year because of her, and not just the $35,000 a month from spousal and child-support payments. K-Fed reportedly gets $30,000 from nightclubs just to show up.

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