Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yell G A Y E L L E ... Gayelle!

This was spotted at dlisted.  Apparently, it is now de classe to call someone a lesbian, lesbo or dyke.  The new PC term is gayelle.  Why?  Because the gayelles say so.

Here's what they apparently sent to dlisted:

By choosing gayelle, the feminine factors in “the equation of who is gay and who is not” can reassert their interest in the word gay, as well as, assert a displeasure for the word lesbian. More importantly, however, to choose gayelle over lesbian, would demonstrate a form of action that, most assuredly, would be helpful in restoring the rightful dignity that belongs to the mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends, who have been victims of hatemongering and or a poorly-conceived joke, and or, a lack of sensitivity.

Gayelle is the logical and reasonable alternative, in that, it contains the words gay and elle (the French pronoun for “she”). Gayelle is a word that has relevance to our time, and it’s easy to say, as in the gay-gayelle community. Unlike the capitalized form of Lesbian, which is defined “a native or inhabitant of Lesbos,” and “of or pertaining to Lesbos;” gayelle and the capitalized form Gayelle, in essence, have the same meaning.

The choice is yours. Be hip and sapphic-chic with your preference for gayelle. Define this decade of the 21st-century with a new word and a new outlook. Go gayelle!

Yes, go Gayelles!  *Passes pom poms over*

Miss G, can I point out a few things please?

1. Gayelle sounds like a drag queen from Texas.

2. You need to do more research as one of the dlisted readers pointed out, 

ga·yelle [ ga yél ] (plural ga·yelles)

noun Caribbean

1. cockfighting arena: an arena used for cockfighting

2. stick-fighting ring: a ring used for stick-fighting

Rather cocked up, is that not?  And rather false advertising too as I assume you are not fond of cocks.

3. Gayelle was the name of the lady who liked to stand under the lamp post three blocks away.  I don't think she's a gayelle though as she seemed to have a lot of gentlemen friends who were always real kind and gave her rides home.  Sometimes more than 5 times a night!

4. Why pick a French word?  Why not Gaypo as po is woman in Chinese? Or Gaydonna for an Italian flava?  I can even hear your anthem now ... Gaydonna donna donna ... has a ring to it eh?