Friday, January 25, 2008

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

It must be a hair raising time of it in Brazil nowadays.  Dressed in your new spring ensemble, trotting in your beloved Raouda Assaf, you toss your hair in the wind ... and feel a hard yank on it, before a sudden liberation of unaccustomed breeze weaves around your bare neck.

Egads, you've been hair-hunted!

It's not safe for women in Brazil.  At least, not for women with crowning glories.  Today's bling is your glistening strands of follicles.  

A woman walking to church in Aracaju, Brazil, was the latest victim of a drive-by hacking.  Two men on a motorbike pulled out a machete and severed off her waist-length hair that the homemaker had been cultivating for two decades.

In an article published on 24 Jan by AP, the woman's hair used to be a metre and a half or more four feet long.  It's now lobbed off to a shoulder length bob.

Which makes me think Brazilian women must be real tall as her metre and half long hair previously reached to her waist.  Now it just hangs from some bloke's groin as he rides off into the sunset with it.

Why would these two men commit such a hair-brained crime?  Apparently, to make a wig of the purloined hair.  No, no, they were not drag queens on a budget.  The black market wig making industry is thriving in Brazil with human hair commanding as much as $550 (no indication in which currency in the AP article) per hot hair piece.  Similar attacks in various parts of Brazil have the police scratching their heads and women covering theirs.

This is a hairy situation indeed for women in Brazil.  In fact, I am totally wigged out for them.  However, I can see an influx of economic growth in Brazil with scarves and hat makers seeing a revival in business.  

And perhaps ...