Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Rules

A little boy went down for brekkie one morning and was told that he was old enough now to help with some chores. So until he fed the animals, he was not going to get breakfast.

Terribly upset at this blatant abuse of child labour, he took it out on the animals. Glaring at the chicken, he said, "I don't feel like feeding you today", kicked it and walked off in a huff.

He did the same to the cow. And the pig. And finally, feeling a lot better, the petulant little boy went back to the house and lief to his mother that he had finished his chores.

Now his mother was no fool and said, "I saw what you did. Here are the rules, my little man. You kicked the chicken so no eggs for you today. You kicked the cow so no milk for you today. You kicked the pig so no bacon for you today."

Just then the boy's father tripped over the cat while going down the stairs. Cussing, he kicked the cat and the boy said, 

"Mom shall I tell him the rules?"