Thursday, January 24, 2008

For Brit's Sake!

Ah, the price of celebrity.  Is it a double whammy if you are living next to a celebrity and are also a celebrity?

It just goes to show that even celebrities find the media hoopla that other celebrities go through intrusive and annoying.  So intrusive, one of them thought he had a home invader.  After which he decided to move home.

According to I'm Obsessed, Clooney found out the identity of his neighbour the loud way.

“I just found out, like, 10 days ago I must live within, like, 300 or 400 yards from Britney Spears. I found out because I came home at 10 o’clock at night and there was all these helicopters over my house with these lights.“I think, ‘Someone’s broken out of prison…’ I get my baseball bat, which is what you always get in every film, and I called up my assistant, who I thought was in my guesthouse.

“I said, `Are you OK?’ She’s like, `Yes.’ I said, ‘If there’s someone in the place, say the word Stonehenge,’ and she’s like, ‘What the f**k are you talking about?’”

“So now I have to move.”

– George Clooney on the day Britney Spears was admitted to the hospital.

Stonehenge, George?  Stonehenge?  Why not Roswell?  That's closer to home, no?