Tuesday, January 22, 2008

'Fess Up

During a car ride back, a few of us were contemplated the inanity of certain lines of questioning.

A friend works for an organisation that sends her to regular medical check-ups to determine her work-readiness because of an existing condition. This is all well and good since it is free for her. However, if she has any illness which can be linked to her existing condition, she is supposed to voluntarily send in a report to clarify this. Whereupon her pay would be deducted and she has to bear the medical expenses for that visit.

Now, the question we pondered was ... how many people would actually 'fess up? 

"Yo, boss, like ... this medical visit was actually due to my pre-existing medical problem ... so like, you know, I guess I have to, like, pay for the bills myself & get my pay deducted, huh?"

I remember the first time I had to get a visa for a visit to the US yonks ago before they revised the boundaries of what is considered civilisation. There was a section that asked -

Have you ever been, are currently still or intend to be a member of a terrorist organisation?

I can just see hordes of individual rushing their ballpoint pens across the lily-white paper to answer, 

Yes Sir, I am, have been & totally intend to be a card-carrying member of a terrorist organisation, so help me God.

Then there was of course the wonderfully PC section that asked blandly ...

_______ Complexion

which is obviously a gentle encouragement for peeps to write in brightly that they are white, brown, black, yellow, putrid green, dirty chartreuse etc.

Being the gentle, submissive girlie that I am, I of course filled in ...

Fair today, thank you for asking, but occasionally spotty depending on the time of the month

Now, this is not America-bashing as i have seen equivalent & worse all over the world.

So, 'fess up. Who's a rainbow-coloured terrorist among you with a pre-exisitng medical condition?