Friday, January 25, 2008

Fashion Faux Pas 2 & Some Faboos

Just in case people think I am a complete fashion noob, I decided to play nice and include some of the runway's better offerings.  Albeit it is a year dated but that's only because I am too lazy to go trawl for more recent data.

I always find the Ready-To-Wear collections so much more palatable.  Probably because the pieces are meant for every woman and we can all identify with and see ourselves wearing them.  While I love haute couture, often times the pieces come across more like costumes instead of wearable fashion.

So, it was with much pleasure I revisited Acquastudio's Ready-To-Wear Spring/Summer 2007 runway collection.  I have always found this Brazilian design house a surprise as their designs seem very un-Latin to me.  Almost zen, a little Italian with an attention to construction that is quite Japanese. 
The comfortable silhouette mixed with tailored lines with sheer, breathable (at least I hope they are breathable) fabrics with a touch of Asian influence are a brilliant combination.  See what I mean about it being quite un-Brazilian?  Such subdued, understated colour palettes!

But of course, I spoke too soon.  For next came a piece I can only imagine was inspired by their red post-it pads in the office.

And then we have Alessa's similar collection also for the same season.  I adore one of the sun-dresses as it really evokes spring and summer.  And then she introduces a head gear that can only be described as a safety measure.  In case the model fell into the water, at least they can find her location from the floating paper boat.